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Under Pressure: 10 Instant Pot Recipes and Tips

It’s the hottest kitchen gadget around and cuts time while maximizing taste

Published on: June 06, 2017


Under pressure

Unless you’ve been off the grid for the last year, you’ve most likely heard of the Instant Pot craze. This magical pot is a combo of slow cooker and pressure cooker, and can cook meat, rice, beans, vegetables, cakes and even yogurt! But the biggest — and best — advantage of pressure cooking is that food cooks up to 70 percent faster. By cooking with pressure, you can whip up a healthy meal in just one-third of the time. Who doesn’t love that?


Safety 101

We’ve all heard about a pressure cooker horror story in which food erupted out of the pot, splattering everything including the ceiling — or worse — burning someone. Have no fear! According to recipe developers Amy + Jacky the Instant Pot has 10 different safety mechanisms. In this post, they walk you through the basics to use your appliance safely.

common mistakes

10 common mistakes to avoid

Next, you might want to check out Amy and Jacky’s post “10 Common Mistakes You Can Avoid as a New User.” There are a lot of buttons on that pot! Mistakes happen, and Amy and Jacky offer great tips to avoid rookie errors.


Fall-off-the-bone chicken

Cooking a whole chicken that is juicy and flavorful in just half an hour is possible with this recipe from the Healing Gourmet blog. With a few simple ingredients and an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker you can serve a Sunday dinner-worthy dish even on busy weeknights! Check the post for instructions and even a video tutorial.


pork shoulder

Pork shoulder

Pulled pork sandwiches are a great crowd pleaser and easy to accomplish with an Instant Pot. The author of A Typical Mom blog offers this recipe that makes pork shoulder into delicious shredded BBQ pork in just 90 minutes. Use bottled BBQ sauce or whip up your own with her easy instructions.

lamb shanks

Lamb shanks

This tasty dish cooks up in less than an hour with a pressure cooker. Not only does the recipe produce tender meat, but it includes vegetables and sauce for an all-in-one meal. Check out the recipe at Nom Nom Paleo


Fall-apart pot roast

Remember when grandma would put the roast in the oven and then go off to church while it cooked? She had to start early because it took all day to make Sunday dinner. Kelley, author of the Healing Gourmet blog, shows you how to cook a tender roast in just an hour and 10 minutes in a pressure cooker. The recipe makes its own au jus and she even offers ideas for great meals from the leftovers.

chicken and rice

Fantastic chicken and rice

Chicken, rice and vegetables all cooked up in a delicious sauce in 16 minutes? Yes, please! The veggies even go into the pot frozen and the rice doesn’t need to be precooked. Another great, easy pressure cooker recipe from The Typical Mom blog that will please the whole family.

breakfast yogurt

Instant Pot yogurt

The electric pressure cooker is great for making homemade yogurt. This recipe from the You Make it Simple blog uses just two ingredients

— three if you add vanilla extract. The finished product is regular yogurt but you can strain it to create thick, creamy Greek yogurt. Eat it plain or dress it up with fruit and sweeteners. Yum!

bone broth

Bone broth

Bone broth has been called a superfood and many cooks use this nutrient-rich stock as a base for soups and stews. With a pressure cooker, the time needed for making bone broth goes from 24 hours to just two. Check out the instructions from Nom Nom Paleo and give it a try!


New York cheesecake #17

Food wizards Amy + Jacky offer this pressure cooker cheesecake recipe that is fancy enough for company yet easy enough for every day. Why number 17? Because that is how many trials they ran to get this cake recipe just right! You’ll need a cheesecake pan with a removable bottom for this dish.

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